AmpliSeq for Illumina: Introduction

Recorded Webinar (March 2020) | This webinar introduces our line of amplicon products: AmpliSeq for Illumina- compatible with Illumina next-generation sequencing platforms. We will discuss the following topics: available fixed panels, library preparation workflow, the new Design Studio, and and overview of analysis options.

Amplicon Sequencing: Introduction

Recorded Webinar (January 2020)| Illumina Technical Support invites you to join us to discuss the end-to-end workflow for an amplicon sequencing project. This webinar is ideal for new users of Illumina Next Generation Sequencing. We will discuss amplicon sequencing, including the following topics: what defines an amplicon library, kits and protocols for amplicon libraries, and amplicon sequencing runs and parameters.

Amplicon Sequencing: Assessing the success of your run

Recorded Webinar (March 2017) | Are you planning on running an Illumina amplicon library prep kit and wondering how to evaluate your data? This webinar is targeted to those who are new to amplicon sequencing and would like to learn more about the data output and assessment. We will cover the following subjects: overview of an Illumina amplicon workflow, expected kit specifications, Illumina options for amplicon analysis, output metrics and reports generated by the Illumina analysis platforms.